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BCMJ Controls

Gas Pipeline Products

We are an authorized dealer of the following Gas Pipeline products:

ADALET   Complete line of industrial electrical and hazardous location explosion proof cast enclosure systems

AIRMASTER    Full line of explosion proof and non-explosion proof exhaust fans and air circulators

ALTRONICS   Complete line of ignitions systems, control panels and digital instruments

BELLOWS SYSTEMS   Metal bellows, expansion joints and exhaust manifolds

BG IGNITION   Complete line of ignition accessories and spark plugs

CHAMPION   Comprehensive line of high quality spark plugs and accessories

CONTINENTAL CONTROLS   Low cost air/fuel ratio controls and streamlined governor control for reciprocating engines. Complete turbine engine control panels

DURO-SENSE   Precision temperature measurement devices including thermocouples, RTD’s, thermowells, and thermocouple wire

DYNALCO   Precision engine instrumentation including speed switches, loop powered meters, magnetic pickups, tachometers. watchdog engine ignition analyzers
E INSTRUMENTS  A complete range of innovative instrumentation solutions encompassing Combustion Gas Analyzers, Indoor Air Quality, Calibrators and Test & Measurement equipment

ELECTRONIC SPECIALTY   Ignition timing lights

EXERGEN   Portable infrared temperature scanners infrared thermocouples
JOHNSON MATTHEY  A world leader in the development and manufacture of catalysts and technologies to control harmful pollutant emissions from a variety of sources
JONELL  New technologies to provide state-of-the-art filtration and separation products designed specifically for Gas Processing, Transmission and LNG
KENCO   Oil level controllers and switches, flow meters, pneumatic float switches, fire safe valves, site gages, no- flow switches and other oil lubrication control products

KIENE DIESEL   Indicator valves for high and low pressure applications

KIM HOTSTARTS   Lube oil and jacket water heating and circulating system

LUMBERG  Industrial automation pico, micro and mini cord sets, distribution boxes and connectors

MECHANIX WEAR   Work gloves with high dexterity, sensitivity, tactility and durability.  Machine washable

FRANK W. MURPHY   Engine control panels, temperature and pressure switchgages, liquid level sensors and vibration switches

PYROMATION   Precision temperature measurement devices including thermocouples, RTD’s, thermowells, transmitters and thermocouple wire

RAYCHEM   Industrial heat-tracing cables and accessories including C1D1 approvals

RAYTEK   Hand-held and fixed infrared temperature measurement equipment

REUTER  MFG  Side stream oil centrifuge systems for  both mobile and fixed engines. Permanent oil filtration systems.  Engine oil magnets

SHANNON ENTERPRISES   Custom thermal and acoustic insulation blankets

SPILFYTER   Absorbent spill control products including spill response kits, absorbent pads, rolls, socks, pillows and a variety of other hazmat products
STALWART  The most rugged, reliable instruments for extreme and hazardous industrial environments. Innovative tachometers, magnetic pickups and speed switches. Made in the USA

SURPLUS SALES   Sales and service of control valves, manual valves and instrumentation.  Two year unconditional warranty

TDI   Pre-engaged and inertial industrial turbine vane starters and accessories for both reciprocating & turbine engines.  Repair service available

TRERICE   Industrial thermometers, bi-metal thermometers, temperature and pressure gauges, self-contained regulators and control valves

TURBO POWER SYSTEMS (TPS)    Large and small bore turbocharger sales and service

UE SYSTEMS   Ultrasonic portable analog or digital inspection instrumentation.  Available with frequency tuning and data logging capabilities

WEED INSTRUMENT   Differential, absolute, and gage pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters and fiber optic cable and instrumentation

WIKA   Industrial temperature and pressure gauges

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